Make Each Day Count

As professional women, the days go by quickly. Before you know it, you're making plans and resolutions for next year instead of celebrating the year that was. But while it's good to reflect on our experiences and celebrate past wins, it's important to recognize how we can make each day count going forward.

Go for it – professional women making it work.

To become bold, we must first of all avoid dwelling on every little thing that could loom in our life and learn to take everything more lightly which, As a professional woman, you may face challenges that your male counterparts don't experience. It's important to be aware of these and work through them so you can keep your career moving f...

Be bold

Who would have never wanted to say what they really thought of the office manager, their customers, family, partner or friends? We all hide behind different masks and wear them according to the situations that arise: with the partner we would be elegant, refined, seductive and sensual, while in the office we will be efficient and professional and with friends some cheerful companions who drink and have fun together. All this is normal, however there are not a few who wish to become bold, just to have the opportunity to occasionally remove the annoying pebble from the shoe and finally tell the person in question everything you think about him.

We all lie, but learning to do it with a bit of n...

Gratitude, a Seed to Manifest Your Destiny

With the constant busyness of our lives and always having to move on to the next thing, often it can seem that life is just taking advantage of us. Practicing gratitude is a huge life skill that, when left unused, can really mess with not only our personal life but our professional one as well.

Yes, learning to be grateful for things can help us excel and help to manifest our destiny.

Everywhere we turn, we’re reminded of the things we don’t have, instead of appreciating what we do have. What we should be grateful for. Our society is built on the haves versus the have-nots. Money is all-powerful. It gives us the illusion of freedom, security, and power. Based on this principle, i...

Worthy of Wealth

With the rising clout that women have in the economic landscape, we are generating and managing an increasing amount of wealth. Throughout the global economy, women are heading successful start-ups at a rapid rate. In the U.S. alone, females were the majority owners of nearly 10 million businesses, large and small, and oversaw more than 8.4 million employees in 2012, according to the Small Business Administration Report of 2016.

This, coupled with the effects of decades of increasing female participation in the workplace, translates into real financial power. By 2023, women are expected to control nearly $100 trillion, or 38 percent of all wealth in the U.S.

So how can we as professional wom...

10 Healthy Leadership Habits All Women Need

Successful female leaders have learned to eliminate the ‘good girl’ habits that may have worked for them in their young adult life. However, once adulthood sets in, those habits don’t bode well for a professional leadership career. We’ll discuss the real-world habits that propel women forward to achieve their personal visions of success without abandoning their values.

These 10 habits level the playing field for women leaders.

1. Keep Your Vision Focused

Have a laser-sharp focus on what you want to achieve. Do not be that ‘good girl’ and rely solely on hard work with the hope that your vision will fall into your lap. Clearly identify where you want to b...

Affirm Yourself Daily

Throughout your career, the difference between success and failure often boils down to one simple thing: self-talk. Positive self-talk can be very powerful – it can fully change your mindset, which in turn can affect your actions. This has a massive impact on the success you have on your career journey or any other journey in your life. It helps you tackle those obstacles that we all inevitably face.

The Power of Positive Self-Talk

What we tell ourselves, be it fact or fiction, reflects directly how we see ourselves and the part we play in the world. How we view ourselves and the nature of our self-talk can shape our entire physiology of perspective.

Getting into the habit of encouragi...

Getting Noticed as a Professional Woman

A successful professional woman is many things. Confident, bold, risk-taking, a cheerleader for others…the list is long. Oftentimes a successful woman has some sort of mentor to guide them along, but this is not always the case.

In fact, roughly half of today’s professional women do not have access to mentorship by other women. But that doesn’t mean they go it alone. Rather, they take inspiration from other successful women who are willing to share their hard-won knowledge and insights.

The paths to success are different for every one of us. But all have a common thread. Here are the traits you need to succeed as a professional woman.

Be Resilient

Success is a marathon, n...

Be Assertive, Not Aggressive

It can be a fine line to walk. Whether you’re managing a team or trying to advance your career,you want to be confident, but not overbearing. By the same token, you don’t want to give theimpression of being too easy or passive. Do you often find yourself wondering, “Will I step over the line? If I do nothing, will I lose ground?”

You can walk that tightrope by increasing your emotional intelligence and sensitivity towards others.

Being assertive falls right in between passive and aggressive. Learning to practice calm

assertiveness affords you the opportunity to express yourself as an approachable authority, and will give you a greater chance of achieving your goals.


Every Woman Needs a Break

No matter how you slice it, women are warriors. Think about it. Women are hard-wired to be the champions and stewards of those we hold dear. Our families, our friends, and most definitely, our jobs.

Whether you’re a business owner, corporate executive, or work more behind the scenes, our status as women require us to wear many hats. The hard work and dedication we put forth on a daily basis to keep the business going is what fuels the world. And then we return to our homes to feed and nurture our families.

It’s Gets Hard

There are a ton of women who are head of the household. Many of us single-handedly raise our children, keep food on the table, and go to work each day. Not only t...

Always Remain Grateful While Wanting More

Have you ever confided to someone about your discontent with your life, only to hear “You should be grateful for what you have?” Or perhaps it is something you say to yourself when you consider where you are in life as opposed to where you think you should be?

It’s the kind of messaging that can drive you bananas.

But we are complex individuals – and we often have A LOT going on. Like an onion, our life on paper may seem good, but peel back the layers and a different story often emerges.

\It is possible to appreciate all of the wonderful things that are going for you, yet still have that desire to make your life different. This is not being selfish, this is merely ...

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