Overcoming the Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is something that can prevent us from getting what we want while undermining our self-confidence and jeopardizing our entire life. Overcoming the fear of failure is mandatory to embrace a happier and more successful life.

Let’s see how to do it in 6 steps!

1) Accept your mistakes

Accepting your mistakes is necessary to achieve success. Consider them as a chance to learn something you didn’t know. Consider them as lessons to avoid doing the same mistakes over again and to start creating better opportunities for you to succeed.

Change your point of view: avoid associating failure with your person, but rather see it as information that comes from the experience o...

She’s Up to Something

Even professional women can find themselves in a stagnant place in their careers. Whether it be the state of your chosen field, a less-than-inspiring work environment, or economic factors, there are things you can do to shake up the status quo to move you forward

Here are a few tips that will help you achieve career success and move up the ranks in your professional life.

Remain Focused

Garnering success as a professional woman requires you to stay focused, which may prove challenging when there are too many distractions around you. Therefore, it is crucial that you learn how to effectively minimize distractions and focus on the task.

An effective strategy for doing this is limiting social me...

Don’t Give Up

Have you ever thought about the meaning of never giving up?

Accustomed as we are to always having everything quickly and without too much effort, today it is often difficult not to give up at the first difficulties in obtaining the desired results. Many, too many people abandon everything they could have been or built because they lack the ability to hold out against adversity

The real meaning of never giving up

We are surrounded by broken dreams, complicated relationships, and we live a life that doesn't seem to belong to us. There are moments in human existence when everything seems to go wrong. There is only one way to make things change: to cover the meaning of never giving up. If it is t...

Connect With The Right Mentor

If your career is in its infancy and you would like to receive good advice, or if you are an expert positioned in your company, mentoring could help you learn and grow you both professionally and personally. Studies show that those with a mentor are promoted up to five times more than those without one.

25% of employees participating in a mentoring program had a salary increase, compared with 5% of those who did not have a mentor.

The benefits of mentoring are extolled by everyone far and wide but the actual process to find a suitable mentor is as important as the mentoring itself. If you are looking to access a mentoring program, here is what is important for you to keep in mind.

Define you...

Set Aside Time to Breathe

Women who are seeking a higher level of success can often get overwhelmed. This is where a healthy amount of self-care can be paramount to achieving that success.

Self-care refers to activities and practices that increase energy, lower stress levels, and contribute to overall health and well-being. It may seem indulgent, but it's actually essential for both physical and mental well-being, and certainly for professional women who want to keep balance and sanity in their lives.

Let's explore all of the ways self-care at work can prevent burnout.

Pamper Yourself

Pampering yourself shouldn't just be for special events like birthdays and anniversaries; it should become part of your everyday routin...

Be the Example You Need

Today's fast-paced world requires us to find ways of motivating ourselves; this is particularly essential if we hope to achieve greatness in both our careers and our lives.

Women can, in a sense, be their own example by setting personal and professional goals, building relationships with mentors, and forging bonds among themselves as professional women.


Mentorship can be an incredibly valuable resource for women seeking to assist one another in business. It gives mentees confidence in themselves to move ahead in their careers while opening up networking opportunities they might otherwise miss.

Mentorship relationships may take formal or informal forms, depending on the needs of both par...

I’m Happy About the Changes, But there’s Room for More

It’s a good day when you can look around you and see the positive changes taking place in our world. With the mid-terms behind us, the tide seems to be shifting in a better direction. And yet there is still so much to be done.

I’m happy we have a run-off between two black men in the state of Georgia. I’m happy we had a black woman run for governor in the state. I’m happy we have women standing up for women's rights who are well respected in their fields. I’m happy we have a black woman holding a position in the highest court in our nation. There is so much that I’m happy about! There’s so much for you to be happy about. But there is certainly room fo...

Spring Forward to Advance Your Career

Spring is a great time to get back to your career goals. You’re probably feeling motivated after the dreary winter and are looking to further your career with some newfound motivation.

For professional women seeking high-level advancement in their careers, it’s important to find ways to move forward. In today's competitive business world, many want to move into management roles, despite gender stereotypes that often place women at a disadvantage.

Career acceleration strategies can help you overcome these challenges and reach your career goals. In this article, we discuss some of the key tips for women who are seeking to advance their careers.

Moving Forward is a Challenge – B...

Love Yourself, Love Your Now, Manifest Your Destiny

As professional women we are always seeking the path forward – to be better at what we do. The fundamental aspect of growth is to always push ourselves, to make advancements in every aspect of our lives, not just our working life.

But to do this takes energy, patience, and most importantly, love and respect for ourselves. It’s important to be kind to ourselves, to love the now, and trust that you can indeed manifest your own destiny.

Speak It into Existence

They say that when you put energy towards something, eventually it will come to fruition. This includes the words we say. But can we really speak our goals into existence?

Let’s be clear: the words you say are powerful. Exa...

Make Each Day Count

As professional women, the days go by quickly. Before you know it, you're making plans and resolutions for next year instead of celebrating the year that was. But while it's good to reflect on our experiences and celebrate past wins, it's important to recognize how we can make each day count going forward.

Go for it – professional women making it work.

To become bold, we must first of all avoid dwelling on every little thing that could loom in our life and learn to take everything more lightly which, As a professional woman, you may face challenges that your male counterparts don't experience. It's important to be aware of these and work through them so you can keep your career moving f...