Always Remain Grateful While Wanting More

Have you ever confided to someone about your discontent with your life, only to hear “You should be grateful for what you have?” Or perhaps it is something you say to yourself when you consider where you are in life as opposed to where you think you should be?

It’s the kind of messaging that can drive you bananas.

But we are complex individuals – and we often have A LOT going on. Like an onion, our life on paper may seem good, but peel back the layers and a different story often emerges.

\It is possible to appreciate all of the wonderful things that are going for you, yet still have that desire to make your life different. This is not being selfish, this is merely striving to live your best life. And it is a process.

Wanting more is not being ungrateful, it is being human. If this all sounds familiar to you, read on.

Never Settle

Think of it like this: When you accomplish something that makes you feel good and proud, it energizes and inspires you to (hopefully) do more. It makes no sense that you would dust off your hands, sit back, and never aspire to accomplish anything again.

People who are most happy in life tend to appreciate and be grateful for what they have (to live in the moment) and yet have a plan for moving forward. It’s perfectly healthy to want more. We are on this planet to go through life realizing our true potential, to continually have experiences that guide us and motivate us. To enjoy life to the fullest.

Part of living a full life is pausing to stop every once in a while and smell the roses. This is the essence of what being grateful means. Be appreciative of the areas of abundance in your life. Whatever that is for you. Simultaneously, it is healthy to acknowledge your desires as natural and legitimate.

Practicing Gratitude

One of the biggest benefits of practicing gratitude is that it helps you to recognize what you love most in life. It allows you to focus on aspects that bring you joy and guides you towards those things so that you can have more of them.

It is a proven concept! The more you take time out each day to appreciate and be grateful for the beautiful things – whether that’s family, friends, your job, your home, the hobbies you’re passionate about – the more those things will gravitate to you. It is the law of attraction.

Living Your Best Life

The more aligned you are with yourself, the more energy you have to appreciate the world around you and for others. So stop feeling guilty that you always want more. Instead, think of ways to continually empower yourself.

Helping those that have less than you is always a great start to having a positive empowering impact, both personally and in the world. After all, this life is about giving AND receiving, is it not?