Be bold

Who would have never wanted to say what they really thought of the office manager, their customers, family, partner or friends? We all hide behind different masks and wear them according to the situations that arise: with the partner we would be elegant, refined, seductive and sensual, while in the office we will be efficient and professional and with friends some cheerful companions who drink and have fun together. All this is normal, however there are not a few who wish to become bold, just to have the opportunity to occasionally remove the annoying pebble from the shoe and finally tell the person in question everything you think about him.

We all lie, but learning to do it with a bit of nerve or acquire it, in order to cope with embarrassing or difficult situations, could sometimes prove to be a valid and effective solution.

To become bold, we must first of all avoid dwelling on every little thing that could loom in our life and learn to take everything more lightly which, however, must not be confused with superficiality. The best bold people, in fact, are very intelligent and profound, yet they are not afraid of externalizing their thoughts, adapting them according to the different situation in which they find themselves, with the risk of sometimes not being understood by their interlocutors, but having fun. To interact and learn all that good and bad can result from a specific situation.

Who among us would never have wanted to say “How bold!” To the guy who became leader of a company presenting an idea and fighting with all he had to make it come alive? And perhaps we have also said it, feeling immediately better, while nevertheless feeling a mixture of sadness, perhaps because we too would like, from time to time, to act freely, without getting caught up in the fears and paranoia of what other people will think. If we act in a different way from what we usually adopt on different occasions.

Consider that you will meet the classic inner enemies. Fear, both of success and failure, anxiety, lack of confidence, the doubt of not doing the right thing, the fear of not actually being able. The mind is very creative in creating all these obstacles. But if you consider that you will certainly encounter these difficulties, you can also start planning with greater confidence the growth of confidence in who you are.

To become bold, it is not necessary to wear fashionable clothes or possess a disruptive beauty: you need to have an attitude in charge of facing situations with determination and charge and, to this end, it could be useful to relate to people who have already managed to achieve this goal, to know their tricks. Your attitude is everything and you need to cultivate an attitude that is all about giving your true self a chance to shine bright. Don’t hold yourself back, on the contrary, dare for more and let bold people inspire your life! This is the best thing you can do to be bold and let your boldness rule your life, in both your personal life and your working life.