Every Woman Needs a Break

No matter how you slice it, women are warriors. Think about it. Women are hard-wired to be the champions and stewards of those we hold dear. Our families, our friends, and most definitely, our jobs.

Whether you’re a business owner, corporate executive, or work more behind the scenes, our status as women require us to wear many hats. The hard work and dedication we put forth on a daily basis to keep the business going is what fuels the world. And then we return to our homes to feed and nurture our families.

It’s Gets Hard

There are a ton of women who are head of the household. Many of us single-handedly raise our children, keep food on the table, and go to work each day. Not only that, but we work hard to keep our relationships together; our marriages, our family ties, our friends. That’s a hell of a lot of balls to juggle and it never stops.

It can be so easy to get burnt out. Self-care is a thing and it’s so incredibly important. Setting boundaries is also important and we hate telling people ‘No.’ Sometimes we just need a rest. A break. A time to apply the brakes, take a step back, and retreat for just a little while.

For many of us, self-care seems to be a far-flung desire that has no hope of coming to fruition. We’re just too damn busy. The workload won’t take care of itself; neither will the kids. To say we often times take on too much is a constant issue.

Down Time Allows You to Recharge So You Can Go Back to Being Your Best Self

Here’s the thing. We HAVE to take some downtime. We just do, because if we don’t, at some point something’s going to give and we’ll crash and burn. Take some time out – a week, two weeks – hell, take off one full month if you can swing it!

This isn’t being weak or selfish. This is setting the right boundaries for yourself and recharging so you can continue to be a source of good for your job, your family, your friends. Give yourself permission to disconnect every now and then, to simply rest.

It’s not selfish. It’s a necessity. But the problem is that many women feel guilty for taking time to themselves and that narrative has to change.

So, take that time. Form a plan for a retreat. If you have kids, arrange for a family member or hire a babysitter, then call in sick. Just do it. Because you need it. What does a retreat look like for you? It could be to the spa. Or perhaps a glamping adventure with your besties. It could be taking up that hobby again you’ve put on the back burner.

But whatever floats your boat, you must look out for number one. Take time for YOU, for once. Take a solo trip where you and you alone call the shots on where to go. Don’t make excuses for why you can’t. Because you CAN.

Just do it. Your job and loved ones need you to be your best self, and taking time for you is the only way you can be that for them. Your body, mind, and spirit need it too.