Gratitude, a Seed to Manifest Your Destiny

With the constant busyness of our lives and always having to move on to the next thing, often it can seem that life is just taking advantage of us. Practicing gratitude is a huge life skill that, when left unused, can really mess with not only our personal life but our professional one as well.

Yes, learning to be grateful for things can help us excel and help to manifest our destiny.

Everywhere we turn, we’re reminded of the things we don’t have, instead of appreciating what we do have. What we should be grateful for. Our society is built on the haves versus the have-nots. Money is all-powerful. It gives us the illusion of freedom, security, and power. Based on this principle, it’s easy to be ungrateful when you are working tirelessly and not able to get ahead in life.

With setbacks such as financial difficulty or failure, it’s easy to become disillusioned and not be grateful for what we have. Yet, there are ways we can change the tide. Practicing gratitude is the most direct pathway to success and realizing our destiny. The problem is, most people hinge their gratitude on achievement, rather than making it a platform from which to build a happy life and shape our destiny.

Why is it so important to have gratitude?

We tend to forget about the things we take for granted – until those things become jeopardized. So it’s important to recognize those things we have and to acknowledge them. Whether that means the roof over your head, that co-worker that goes above and beyond to help, or that boss that really does appreciate your hard work. No matter how minuscule good things may seem in your life, learn to recognize them. It really is the little things that keep us going and motivated.

Gratitude Shifts Your Focus

When we focus on something positive, we move forward. Similar to having gratitude, it breathes positivity into whatever we do. Practicing gratitude shifts your focus in a monumental way. It’s a new way of seeing things that involve a child-like appreciation for the beauty and the good in all things. You see this in positive people. They tend to see the silver lining in bad situations. These people are on the road to their destiny.

Shifting your focus does not happen immediately – it takes practice. Learn to recognize the good in all things and most importantly, write it down. This act alone makes the positive more real instead of simply an abstract concept in your mind.

Gratitude Reduces Your Innermost Fears

It’s hard to have gratitude and be fearful of the future at the same time. When we are truly grateful for what we have in our lives (even our problems, because we can learn from those) fear has little room to live. When we don’t have enough money for something important, we’re living in a state of fear. Being grateful, however, puts your mindset in a state of abundance. Creating a daily habit of gratitude sets us up for abundance throughout the year – not just on Thanksgiving!

Write down every day what you’re grateful for and over time, watch your fears dissipate.

This naturally gives you peace of mind – something that doesn’t exist when you live with the expectation of how things ‘should be.’ Living with expectations will only leave you disappointed. Having an attitude of gratitude sets the stage for peace of mind – it is from this platform that success is realized. Good will, a positive attitude, and the desire to add value to the world by being grateful, no matter the situation.

Gratitude Emboldens You to Reach Your Goals

Do you have goals? If you don’t, set them. Now. When you practice gratitude, you naturally feel happier and are more apt to plan a strategy to reach those goals. When you’re happy, you thrive. You move forward. Your desire for living your best life increases and you get motivated to make your dreams (and your destiny) a reality.

The time is now.