Worthy of Wealth

With the rising clout that women have in the economic landscape, we are generating and managing an increasing amount of wealth. Throughout the global economy, women are heading successful start-ups at a rapid rate. In the U.S. alone, females were the majority owners of nearly 10 million businesses, large and small, and oversaw more than 8.4 million employees in 2012, according to the Small Business Administration Report of 2016.

This, coupled with the effects of decades of increasing female participation in the workplace, translates into real financial power. By 2023, women are expected to control nearly $100 trillion, or 38 percent of all wealth in the U.S.

So how can we as professional women better realize that we are all worthy of wealth? While the paths to success and wealth are truly endless and differ for each woman, there are certain pillars that are common across the board.

Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is generally defined as “the inability to believe your success is deserved as a result of your hard work and the fact that you possess distinct skills, capabilities, and experiences.” A natural inclination for many women is to internalize that you got where you are by sheer luck, or simply being in the right place at the right time.

In identifying imposter syndrome, one of the main aspects is what’s called a Power Gap – a disconnect that prevents individuals from reaching their highest and most thrilling potential. The most challenging aspect is not recognizing your special talents, abilities, and gifts.

To overcome imposter syndrome, it’s important to have a supportive performance manager, including a team of colleagues and an inclusive workplace culture in which everyone supports each other and keeps communication open and honest. Not to mention a healthy dose of believing in yourself.

Shoot Your Shot

In short, be unafraid to go after what you want. At times, this could also mean letting go of your pride (or your insecurities, for that matter) to pursue your goals. Take chances, albeit calculated ones. Nothing worthwhile was ever gained by being overly cautious or shy about your ability to create wealth, whether financial or otherwise.

Seize the Moment

Life is short and we never know what the next moment will hold for us. Part of seizing the moment – taking hold of opportunities that come our way – is being present and living in that moment. Live your life with purpose and stop comparing yourself to others. The moment you do, you become hesitant and no longer have control over the real you

But seizing the moment takes practice. It’s not easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it and most people would be happier for it. The truth is that everyone tends to live either in the past or the future. Be always in the moment, and believe in yourself. Think less and act more. Know your abilities and trust in them to move you forward.

Trust God’s Timing

There will be times when you strongly feel that things are not going your way or proceeding as fast as you’d like. It’s important to trust in the natural process of things and put that trust in God’s hands. There’s an old saying, “events will surely unfold as they should.” This is a mantra that we could all use, as it is the natural process of the universe. Stay the course and trust in God’s timing that your due diligence will result in wealth in your life!